“She’s no Angel” Power Deck!! | Castle Crush

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49th Video in Castle Crush Series (3/19/2018) In this video I show replays and live battles using a new deck that has become popular since the Golem Tournament (March, 2018). The deck was introduced during the tournament by Madame L who ultimately finished 4th in the tournament and was quickly copied by many top players. The deck features spiked statue, angel, two blizzard, and a host of power cards. Typically the game starts out slow for this deck, but it comes back fiercely and often creates an unstoppable attack for the victory.

The Letter B Prank
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Learn awesome pranks easy to pull anywhere even at school! Today I show how to do the Letter B Prank in public even on a cop!

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• Letter B Sticker

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The Letter B Prank
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>> Golf Clash Gems Generator <<


>> Golf Clash Gems Generator <<

This tutorial is pretty easy of course you need to train with your driver to found the perfect place for your final aim. You can add an extra slice / hook when you pull the ball before shooting if the hole is a dog leg.
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